About the Artist

Joe Foo is an Illustrator and Designer that lives with his beautiful wife in Royal Oak, Michigan. Professionally, Foo has worked with some very high profile properties. However, Foo is most proud of his personal creations. Desmond’s Comic has been a project in the making for many many years, and he is pleased to finally get it up and going. The characters have gone through amazing transformations in style, attitudes and back stories. Foo cannot wait to develop these characters even more.

Joe has many influences in his life. The biggest artistic influence in his life has to be Charles Schultz. Joe remembers when he was in grade school, during this library reading time, he would always check out a Peanuts collection of comic strips. He would read them over and over, and study each panel, punch line and character. The second biggest influence in Joe’s life is Chuck Jones, specifically his Bugs Bunny cartoons. Joe still watches these amazing 8 minute shorts.

Joe also looks up to Jeff Smith, creator of the independent comic Bone. Foo claims that that is the greatest epic graphic novel ever. Other artists that inspire him are Chris Sanders, Bill Waterson, and Hank Ketcham just to name a few. Joe also finds inspriation in such shows as the Simpsons and Futurama.

Be sure to check out his personal art blog (artatjoes.com) and his sketch group’s website (www.drawsucka.com) to see more of what he has cooking.

Watch an interview with Joe Foo at Kids Read Comics 2010 with Kurt Sasso from TGTWebComics! Click the banner below.