Yen&Sid’s World Wonderful Part 15
April 1st, 2014

Yen&Sid’s World Wonderful Part 15

Well, you knew that not everyone was going to make it out unscathed. The poor little guys should have made a break for it when he could.

This concludes the Yen&Sid World Wonderful Chapter of Desmond’s Comic. We will be taking a small break for the month of April and returning on May 6th. We plan to stay on  schedule this time, so make sure you subscribe to Desmond’s Comic so you stay on top  of all of the updates. You can also find info on  Joe Foo’s Tumblr, on Joe Foo’s Twitter or on Desmond’s Facebook page.

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Discussion (3)¬

  1. avatar mouseanderson says:

    Called it!
    I hope those are sparks coming off the scary puppets head and it’s not a bomb.

  2. avatar JHSpencer says:

    I have a feeling DB hasn’t released enough frustration yet.

  3. avatar JHSpencer says:

    Also, I can just imagine DB walking away with a giant explosion coming from the decapitated puppet.