Yen&Sid’s World Wonderful Part 15
April 1st, 2014

Yen&Sid’s World Wonderful Part 15

Well, you knew that not everyone was going to make it out unscathed. The poor little guys should have made a break for it when he could.

This concludes the Yen&Sid World Wonderful Chapter of Desmond’s Comic. We will be taking a small break for the month of April and returning on May 6th. We plan to stay on  schedule this time, so make sure you subscribe to Desmond’s Comic so you stay on top  of all of the updates. You can also find info on  Joe Foo’s Tumblr, on Joe Foo’s Twitter or on Desmond’s Facebook page.

As always, thank you all for stopping by and keeping up with this comic! Please share Desmond’s Comic with family and friends. We’ll see you in a few weeks!!

Ellie on Planet X



Hey! Just wanted to let you know of a huge return from hiatus…

Ellie On Planet X returns on January 5th! Ellie is a wonderful comic by the very talented and creative Jim Anderson. I am very excited to see this beautiful web comic return in all of its blue and orange glory!

New Desmond comics in December

Hey everyone. I am announcing that Desmond will take a short break for the rest of November. I need just a little time to revamp some things on the site, Des’ facebook page and some other personal projects. Not to worry, Desmond will be back before you know it.

See you all in December!

3 Years!

As I explained on Twitter, this week marks the third anniversary of Desmond’s Comic. The first full week of August is typically when we observe the anniversary, even though technically the first comic actually posted in July. Anyway…

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by and left comments for Desmond over the past three years. It has been a fun run so far, and hopefully we’ll have many more years to come!

One busy month!


Well, actually a little longer than a month… but who is really counting? In just five short weeks, Desmond and I have been to several shows and appearances. Here is a rundown: we attended our first C2E2 on April 13th-15th, our first Penguicon on April 27th-29th, our first Free Comic Book Day on May 5th and the Motor City Comic Con on May 18th-20th. All of these events were awesome and inspiring in their own right.

So much happened in the past five weeks that I’ll spare you lengthy explanations (and probably a lot of spelling errors) and give you a list of awesome things.

• Releasing Desmond’s Big Book Number One at C2E2… soon to be on sale here on Desmond’s site.

• Seing the Chris and Shane Houghton in Novi again! Plus, my wife and I hanging out with them and Morgan Eagleton at Gatsby’s after Motor City!

• Hanging out with Jay P Fosgitt and Jay Jacot at 21st Century Comics for Free Comic Book Day. Then going out for pizza and beer with Guy Davis and Rosemary Van Deuren afterwards!

• Being a monster of karaoke with Mike Roll,  Justin Castaneda and Nicole Solis at Brando’s Speakeasy in Chicago.

• Meeting Dave Adams, who invited me to be a Nifty guest at Penguicon.

• Giving two awesome panels with Megan Rose Gedris at Penguicon.

• Meeting so many cool up-and-coming young artists at Motor City, including Chris and Nick. Also seeing some up-and-comers that I met last year, like Jonah and Tyler.

• Live Irish folk singing in Kitty O’Shea’s in Chicago.

• Being part of the Web Comic Beacon podcast after Penguicon.

• Sketching Little Ref Riding Hood of the Ann Arbor Derby Girls.

• Debuting the new Desmond pull-up banner at Motor City! (I wish I took a picture of it. Nice going, Foo.)

• Walking around C2E2 and taking tons of pictures of costumed beauties with Desmond and his Kissing Booth! (I took so many pictures, that I  don’t even have all of them up yet!)

• Adding a few more pics to Desmond’s Kissing Booth from Motor City. This includes an affectionate Catwoman (below right) and a female Ash Ketchum. (Female Ash didn’t actually kiss Desmond… she just couldn’t stop laughing.)


So many things happened that I know I am forgetting a lot of great moments. Thanks to everyone who stopped by. It was a pleasure to meet you, or see you again! The next two stops this summer will be HeroesCon in Charlotte and Kids Read Comics in Ann Arbor. If I haven’t seen you yet this year, I hope to see you then. And even if I have seen you already, I hope to see you again!

Desmond’s Big Book Number One at C2E2 this weekend!

Anyone in the Chicago area this weekend, stop by C2E2  and be one of the first to own a copy of Desmond’s Big Book Number One. This massive 200 page book contains over 130 Desmond comics with commentary from Joe Foo on plot and characters. Also featured are a lot of cool guest pin-ups by amazing artists like Jay Fosgitt, Denver Brubaker and Jim Anderson (just to name a few).

Desmond’s Big Book Number One will be available at C2E2 in limited quantities (mainly because Foo doesn’t own a big suitcase). You will be able to purchase this book from this site on May 1st.